EZTitles is designed to work as a world-class professional subtitling software
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EZTitles is a program that can add, prepare and convert subtitles for your videos. This program supports several standards, like Open/DVD (HD) and Teletext subtitles for PAL or NTSC. You will be able to import subtitles prepared in other formats, modify them and then save them in the program´s proprietary format, or export them into a format you like.

By using this program, you will also be able to change the original video format, speed and resolution, so you will be able to add subtitles properly. It will also let you perfectly synchronize your subtitles with the transformed video. Then, you will be able to move the subtitles to a certain area of the screen, correct them, apply different colors and fonts and save the subtitles in the format you need.

The demo version will let you use the program in any of its available versions. I have chosen the Enterprise version to write this review, in order to see all the features available. All demo versions will limit the subtitle file to 25 lines, but will convert all of the video files.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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